Applied Math & Statistics


The Applied Mathematics and Statistics Sub-programme as it is today, is a continuation of the previous collaboration in mathematics between Rwanda and Linköping University (LiU) that started in 2007. It has been renewed in 2013.  

The main problem addressed by the sub-program is the lack of enough highly qualified PhD and Master’s holders within the Rwandan University System for training and promoting the use of mathematics and statistics in the public and private sectors in Rwanda. The overall objective of the sub-programme is therefore: To increase the knowledge in mathematics and its use in private and public sectors in Rwanda, and in research conducted at the University of Rwanda and in the region.     

So far, the Sub-Programme has graduated six (6) PhD students and Thirty-eight (38) MSc in Applied Mathematics. Currently, 5 students are pursuing PhD studies and 9 are enrolled in MSc. In addition, the Sub-Programme has facilitated the training of 51 UR staff in PhD supervision and the development of curriculum of PhD Programme in Mathematics as well as MSc Program in Mathematical Statistics. In other areas, the sub-Programme has organized a quite number of workshop in e-resources, grant writing skills to mention but only a few.

With regard to research, the Sub-Programme published scientific papers and created three research groups (Pure Maths, Applied Maths and Statistics). University staff were also facilitated to attend international research conferences while Research conference, workshops and seminars were also organized at the University of Rwanda.


Dr Froduald Minani
Team Leader
Tel: (+250) 0788526497


PhD Students under Applied Math & Statistics Sub-Programme