Medicine and Health


Through partnership between the University of Rwanda, the University of Gothenburg and Umeå University, a PhD sandwich training programme in medicine and health sciences is conducted. The primary objective is to provide the country with qualified educators and researchers in medicine and health sciences.

During the third year of the programme, there has been good progress of PhD students. The Rwandan Co-supervisors together with other PhD holders of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Rwanda, attended a PhD supervision course in Kigali. Master’s programmes in Clinical Physiology and Clinical Microbiology have been finalized and approved at College level; they were submitted to the University for approval and are on the agenda of the University Senate meeting scheduled 25th October 2016.

The ongoing PhD research in medicine and health sciences is expected to elucidate key points concerning important health problems and the results are expected to have high impact implications to inform policies and strategies for the improvement of the health of the Rwandan population and in the region.

PhD Students and graduates under Medicine and Health Sub-Programme