Peace,Conflict& Devt


The history of Rwanda since its independence has been marked by cyclical conflicts, which have always been both political and social. These conflicts have over time, not only undermined the country's economic, political and social relations between different categories of Rwandans, but also Rwanda’s relations with neighbouring countries. CCM was created in 1999 with financial support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) through its “Trust Fund” for Rwanda. It is both an answer to research needs to inspire policies and an opportunity to generate native knowledge on the deep causes of conflicts and potential strategies for the development of sustainable peace in Rwanda and beyond. Its ambition is to become a centre of excellence for research and training in prevention and positive transformation of conflicts, and be a centre of reference in Rwanda, the Great Lakes Region and East Africa as a whole. CCM mandate rises from particular challenges raised in the post-genocide context. The centre’s mission is to address the knowledge gap in the field of genocide, peace and conflict studies, and post-conflict reconstruction and reconciliation through conducting research, teaching as well as community services in the form of policy oriented research.

General objective

The overall objective is to enhance the research capacity and expertise within the fields of peace, conflict and development in Rwanda.