ICT Infrastructure


UR Sweden ICT Infrastructure support is playing a vital part in the university research environment. Affording a high capacity and consistent ICT access to all researchers is of overriding consequence for the individual and overall achievement of the program. This requires the ICT Center to guaranty the quality of service, to increase the bandwidth capacity and increase the redundancy in the fiber backbone to provide a constant access to the information resources needed by the researchers.

This will not only impact the R&D output at UR but also improve the quality of research, teaching and learning in UR.

UR ICT Infrastructure has collaborated with their Swedish partner Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) to utilize their technical expertise and experience in order to achieve the main outcome of this project.


The overall objective of ICT Infrastructure UR – Sweden Sub Program is to strengthen and develop relevant ICT infrastructure and capacity that support research at UR.

PhD graduates under ICT Research Sub-Programme