Instructional Technology


The University of Rwanda (UR), the only one Public University, a merger of 12 Public Higher Learning Institutions is now made of 6 colleges having in total 14 campuses spread around the country. Its mission is to support the development of Rwanda by discovering and advancing knowledge, committed to the highest standards of academic excellence, where students are prepared for lives of service, leadership and solutions.

University of Rwanda being national and international in scope implies that it deals with increasing intake at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. UR is now proud for being able to exploit Open and Distance eLearning (ODeL) model of teaching and learning to meet the high demand for higher Education.

The aim of the Instructional Technology Sub-Programme of the UR-Sweden Programme for Research, Higher Education and Institutional Advancement, is to use instructional technology to support research education and research in University of Rwanda through the partnership with Stockholm. In forefront, the training (in sandwich mode) of PhD students and instructional technologists, individual and institutional capacity building, particularly for the academic staff in the field of instructional technology at UR will be built. Educational technology solutions to support research will be developed and high quality digital resources for undergraduate and postgraduate training will be produced and efficiently delivered to support inclusive education.


General objectives

The general objective is:  “To establish an environment more conducive to research and post graduate training at the UR through the use of Instructional Technologies”


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Team Leader
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PhD students in Instructional Technology Sub Programme