Ordinary Research Grants


Title of the project Principal Investigator End date Contacts
Prevalence and epidemiology of the Rift Valley Fever (RVF) in Rwanda Dr. Anselme Shyaka 30 June 2018 shyakaa@gmail.com
Enhancing English Language Proficiency in Upper Secondary Schools of Rwanda Dr. Ruterana Pierre Canisius 30 June 2018 P.C.Ruterana@ur.ac.rw
Measuring Effectiveness of Corporate Governance Framework in Rwanda Prof. Rama B. Rao 30 June 2018 Rama.B.Rao@ur.ac.rw, ramarwanda@gmail.com
Mathematical modeling of cardiovascular respiratory system for sportsmen and patients in Rwanda Dr. Jean Marie Ntaganda January 2018 jmnta@yahoo.fr
Investigating seasonal and Interannual variability of Rainfall and Temperature extremes in Rwanda for the Construction of Semi-parametric and parametric extreme models Dr. Safari Bonfils January 2018 bonfilssafari@gmail.com
Status of Cyprinidis in Lake Kivu Case Study Karongi District Dr. Antoine Nsabimana January 2018 antoine.nsabimana@gmail.com
Effects of environmental enteropathy on stunting among under 2 years old children in Rwanda Prof. Cyprien Munyanshongore July 2017 munyacyp@yahoo.fr , cmunyans@nursph.org
Comparison of viral load suppression among various antiretroviral combinations adopted by Rwandese ministry of health-prospective study at Butare teaching Hospital Dr. Egide Kayitare July 2017 egide.kayitare@gmail.com
Free and Open Source Software Initiative for Rwanda (FOSSIR)” Dr. Santhi Kumaran October 20-17 santhikr@yahoo.com
The glance of seniors on traditional conditions of psycho-social life wellbeing and mental health in customary Rwandan's marriage Assoc. Prof. Immaculee Mukashema January 2018 i.mukashema@ur.ac.rw, imukashema@yahoo.fr
Teaching and Learning science and mathematics in Rwanda Ass. Prof. Joachim Nzotungicimpaye September 2017 kimpaye@gmail.com
Research study on the safety and nutrients value (NPK) of bio effluent from human excreta used to feed biogas plants and fertilizer from ecosan toilets Dr. Anastase Rwigema Dec 2016 arwigema20002000@yahoo.fr
Effects of climate change and variability on wetland agricultural production and food security in Rwanda. Case study of Rulindo, Ruhango and Bugesera districts Dr. Gaspard Rwanyiziri September 2017 g.rwanyiziri@ur.ac.rw
Prevalence and Prediction Modeling of Deep Vein Thrombosis among Medical and Obstetric Inpatients at University Teaching Hospitals in Rwanda Dr. Pierrot Tugirimana Feb 2016 p.l.tugirimana@ur.ac.rw
Surveillance of penile cancer among Rwandans: a two year multicenter prospective research project. Prof. Manasse Nzayirambaho August 2016 mnzayira@nursph.org
Screening of congenital defects in newborns and infants at teaching and referral hospitals in Rwanda Dr. Léon Mutesa June 2016 l.mutesa@ur.ac.rw
Vitamin D levels in mother baby pairs at Kigali University Teaching Hospital: A cross-sectional prospective study Dr. Raymond Muganga October 2017 r.muganga@ur.ac.rw
Antibiotic resistance patterns and Molecular Characterization of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in clinical settings: a multicenter study in Rwanda Dr. Florence Masaisa December 2017 Kabasius@yahoo.fr
Assessment of effectiveness, additive value, cost, challenges of using Xpert MTB/RIF as a routine paediatric TB test in Rwanda Dr. Francine Birungi September 2016 fbirungi@nursph.org
The use of BANA as a screening test for mother at risk for delivery of pre-term and low birth weight. Prof. Julien Gashegu January 2018 j.gashegu kagabo@ur.ac.rw
Impact of Language of instruction on students’ academic performance in Educational institution in Rwanda Prof. Eugene Nsanzabiga January 2018 nsanzabiga@yahoo.fr
Sustainable irrigation water management and willingness to pay: Evidence from water user associations in Rwanda Dr. Christian Sekomo January 2018 c.sekomo_birame@ur.ac.rw
Reproductive behavior before and after HAART initiation among HIV women treated in a tertiary hospital of Rwanda: Case study of CHUB Dr. Pierre Claver Rutayisire September 2017 p.c.rutayisire@ur.ac.rw
Dynamics of food price and food production trends in Rwanda: A review of policy and reform for enhancing food security. Dr. Mugenzi Martin October 2017 m.mugenzi@ur.ac.rw
Transforming conflict in a post genocide society. An evaluation study of one cow family programme in Rwanda Prof. Francois Masabo December 2017 f.masabo@ur.ac.rw, masabofr@yahoo.fr
Transforming Arts/Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Rwanda from endangerment to sustainability: A comparative study of challenges. Prof. Abubakar Kateregga December 2017 ganafa2002@yahoo.co.uk
The contribution of "Imihigo" to the adoption of the new Public Management Principles in Public Policy Making Process in Rwanda Dr. Masengesho Kamuzinzi December 2017 k.masengesho@ur.ac.rw
Investigating university education towards women empowerment for Community and social development: A case study of mature students on duty. Dr. Anne Marie Kagwesage Sept 2017 a.m.kagwesage@ur.ac.rw
Technological and Socio-Economic Changes of Gakinjiro Cooperatives in Kigali Dr. Charles Kabwete Mulinda Sept 2017 c.kabwete_mulinda@ur.ac.rw
Application of the ceased circumnstances "cessation clauses to decades-long Refugee. Problem, opportunities and benefits Prof. Charles Gasarasi Sept 2017 c.gasarasi@ur.ac.rw
Compromised property rights? Women living polygamous or informal union in Rwanda Dr. Ilaria Buscaglia & Dr. Innocent Ndayambaje May 2018 iyakin7@gmail.com
Efficacy of Entomopathoge Nematodes for the Management of Thripo (Thysaroptera) under Greenhouse Tomato production in Rwanda Prof. Rukazambuga N. Daniel Dec 2017 dnrukazambuga@gmail.com
Microbial and metabolite dynamics along the coffee processing chain Dr. Martin Patrick Ongol & Jean Bernard Ndayambaje Dec 2017 ndayambajejbk999@gmail.com
Improving quality of finger millet along the value chain for enhanced livelihood, food and nutrition security Dr. Hilda Vasanthakaalam Sept 2017 hildajeya@hotmail.com
Towards sustaining crop yield on consolidated land in Rwanda: Estimating yield gap exploring options for crop production improvement Dr. Charles Bucagu Sept 2017 c.bucagu@ur.ac.rw or bucagu@yahoo.com,