Swedish Embassy delegate witnesses infrastructures at UR-Huye Campus

In line with the existing support in research capacity building to the University of Rwanda, Dr Emilia Molnar from the Embassy of Sweden in Rwanda conducted a one day visit to Huye Campus in the Southern part of the Country. The visit aimed to witness supported infrastructure and to hold a brief chat with Huye Campus senior staff in a bid to hear their views and perception towards the UR-Sweden Programme support.

Part of her mandate, Emilia who is the Senior Programme Manager for Research and Higher Education at Swedish Embassy, has responsibility to oversee the activities of UR-Sweden Programme for Research, Higher Education and Institutional Advancement. In her tour, she visited a university owned marshland known as Rwasave which accommodates hundreds of fish ponds and other farm animals.

Dr Emilia (2nd right) at Rwasave marshland

Located approximately 2 kilometers away from the Campus, the site assists students and other researchers interested in animal production to put into practice theoretical knowledge acquired and do research so as to increase fish productivity and proliferation. It includes among others a training room, an office, small fish breeding tanks and laboratories for experiments with equipment like water sensors and others to measure the conductivity and concentration of salt in soil and water. 

Dr Emilia in laboratory with Dr Simon

Alongside the University Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Research, they visited the Biotechnology complex which quarters science laboratories including but not limited to Pharmacy lab, Soil and Agriculture lab and Drug Quality Control lab. The laboratories generally help to bring together knowledge from various researchers in health and agriculture sectors in the quest to improve wealth and health of people of Rwanda and beyond while providing trainings and other supports to the community.

The delegation also visited the country biggest and long-standing library as well as the ICT Centre which is labelled to be the hub of ICT systems of the entire University.

Laboratory equipment in Biotechnology complex

In the course of the tour, Emilia held a brief meeting with the campus senior staff with a view to hear their take on UR-Sweden Programme. Managers attested individual and collective impact made by the Programme in various ways especially with regard to research capacity building through various training, workshop as well as infrastructure development. They also called on the Programme to extend their support to other areas that were not covered including some schools of nursing which were recently affiliated to the University and therefore need to adapt to research culture.

Interventions by Huye Campus senior staff

Emilia appreciated interventions by Campus senior staff and pointed out that the Programme support is always aligned to the needs of the University in terms of capacity building. Besides, she noted that the Programme looks into other areas that should be strengthened to advance the research capacity in line with the country development needs and Sustainable Development Goals. She then encouraged them to develop through established research clusters solid and relevant letters of intent for the upcoming funding phase so that the best can be selected for support.

Remarks by Emilia during the meeting with Campus managers

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The delegation was hosted by Dr Jeanne CMHS Principal

Biotechnology complex

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By  Darius Murangwa
Communications Officer