Social Work

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The Programme is implemented by the University of Rwanda in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg; Faculty of Social Sciences/Department of Social Work. The programme overall aim is to address and fill the gaps of insufficiency in qualified number of social work faculty at UR but also increase interaction between researchers, policy makers and the community members to share and discuss with them the research outputs as end users but also for policy implications. The programmemain activities are PhD training, conference attendance, academic research seminars to boost research culture amongst staff and students, policy interaction meetings, community outreach activities and published papers at the end of the programme.

The Programme aligns with the global agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) more especially goal 16.  This goal is about promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, providing access to justice for all and built effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. SDGs provide social workers an opportunity to redefine their role pertaining to people empowerment, socio-economic development, human rights, social justice and the environment. Social workers will contribute to sustainable development which is about building healthy and inclusive societies based on principles of social, economic and environmental justice.

UR trained staff at a PhD level will be engaged in high quality teaching, research in the areas of social work to graduate good social work professionals; able to engage all stakeholders in addressing social issues in a sustainable way. Community work and outreach activities to facilitate people’s efforts towards sustainable development areemphasized in the implementation of the Programme.