Peace, Conflict and Security

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The programme is run through a collaborative effort between the University of Rwanda and the School of Global Studies (SGS) of University of Gothenburg. The programme is a continuation of the existing collaboration that was established in 2003 and has resulted in 13 PhD holders in the field of Peace, Conflict and Development (2 more on their way), post doc training for UR Centre for Conflict Management at the College of Science and Technology-CCM/CASS staff members, a mentorship program, and a research seminar series established.The collaboration has also resulted in a CCM-based Master’s programme in Peace studies and conflict transformation, from which 58 students have graduated so far. 

The current five year programme (2019-2024) aims to ensure relevant research produced to promote sustainable peace and security, mainly within UR’s Research Cluster on Inclusive Governance, Peace and Security.The primary means are to establish and run an in-house PhD programme at CCM, and to enhance research capacity and expertise within the fields of Peace, Conflict and Security in Rwanda.As a result of the partnership, PhD candidates will be enrolled and trained inhouse. In addition, scholars who recently graduated will be selected for post-doctoral fellowships during this phase. The move will help to increased quantity and quality of relevant research for Rwanda’s development.

PhD (and MA) training are linked to community engagement programmes and research activities. Both students and teachers at all levels take part in these programs that will be integrated in the research capacity building activities.  All efforts and results in the partnership also aim at the long-term outcome that CCM’s research will be used to promote sustainable peace and security in Rwanda and the region.