UR Library staff get tips to enhance user experience to elevate research and effective learning

In a bid to enhance the user experience (UX) for research libraries, a workshop was  organized at the University of Rwanda-College of Education  to equip library staff with efficient methods to navigate an expanding library and assist users in their daily activities such as learning, teaching, and research.

Participants pose for a group photo with facilitators.jpg

Workshop participants and facilitators pose for a group photo 

Under the framework of UR Sweden Program the workshop seeks among others to explore  the application of User experience design principles to physical and virtual library services while Identifying qualitative and quantitative UX research methods suitable for the library’s needs. In addition, the workshop allowed knowledge and experience sharing through innovative processes.It was facilitated by Linda Vidlund from SLU and Veronica Trépagny from the University of BORAS both from Sweden.

Speaking during the workshop, Gonzalve Nzeyimana, the Director of the Campus Library Service noted that the workshop aimed to address a key challenge related to efficiently locating specific books or keywords within a continually expanding library. He added tha the workshop was so vital as it equipped librarians with skills to explore methods to assist users in their daily activities.

The desired outcomes included applying users’ behavior and attitudes to services, evaluating and improving library websites, services, and systems, and studying the motivations, behaviors, and needs of users during user experience research. Various approaches, such as facilitator-led methods, interactive demonstrations, small group tasks, and discussions, were utilized to ensure active participation and effective learning.

Facilitators Linda Vidlund and Veronica Trépagny, brought their expertise from Sweden to enrich the learning experience. The sustainability of the training lies in supporting Rwanda’s development by discovering and advancing knowledge. The goal is to prepare library users for lives of service and leadership, fostering solutions and enhancing skills in academic research, writing, citation styles, and online self-regulated learning.

Overall, the workshop aligns well with the UR policy regarding online education to enhance the usage of e-resources to elevate the quality of education and research output at the University of Rwanda.