UR lab technicians equipped with best laboratory management skills

Proper laboratory management is one of the key indicators that vindicate conducive research environment. UR Sweden Programme through its capacity building segment organized a training for University of Rwanda lab technicians in the efforts to build their capacity for efficient management and use of existing laboratories. 

The training was envisaged in the quest to raise the skills level to the current staff at the University with little experience for proper lab management. This is also an opportunity for the University to have laboratories that qualify for international standards.

Edmond Pereira is the training facilitator from Linkoping University in Sweden. He said that the training introduces staff to the concepts in line with laboratory best practices such maintenance of lab equipment, reagents, and sample management as well as quality adherence.


Edmond Pereira, the training facilitator

“Trainees will be able to adhere to quality control process and procedures which will be easier for the University to get  accreditation from International Organization for Standardization,” Pereira said. 

Accredited laboratories mean that people can refer to them in case of research activity and get appropriate assistance related to the nature of their research. Pereira added that process and procedures in place would also make life much simpler for both technicians and researchers and research would be completed without breakdowns or hazards.

Bukuru Dolice is one of the participants in the training in microbiology laboratory at the College of Science and Technology.  She attested that the training is going to be a turning point in the way UR lab technicians do their business. Bukuru noted that among the biggest lessons learnt include putting in place safety and security control measures, regular reporting on the state of laboratories while establishing standard operating procedures.


Bukuru Dolice  (R), Lab technician in microbiology laboratory at the College of Science and Technology

“From now onwards, we will be making informed decisions and those who attend our laboratories will notice change,” said Bukuru.

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Participants in the training from UR colleges

By  Darius Murangwa
Communications Officer