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The sub-programme is a continuation of a collaboration in Mathematics between Rwanda and Sweden that started in 2007. The current phase (2019-2024) is implemented between the University of Rwanda and three Swedish Universities namely Linköping University, Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University. The aim of the subprogramme in this phase to consolidate,  improve and use what has already been achieved mainly in the area of Master’s Training, PhD training and Research environment and dissemination.

Mathematical knowledge is an essential driver of progress in all areas of science, engineering, technology and their applications. As an example, mathematics is key to success in the modern economy, whether it is about designing an algorithm and writing code behind a new software breakthrough, mapping new frontiers in bioscience, or modelling and simulation of the systems, which guarantee the performance of a modern car. It is therefore essential to ensure that the Department of Mathematics at UR develops the capacity for teaching on postgraduate level and conducting research to meet the demands of the Higher education sector and society through training to MSc and PhD levels in collaboration with Swedish and regional partners.

The Programme offers  Master’s programme in Applied Mathematics and is poised to provide online access to the teaching materials. In addition, the programme will start new PhD Programme in Mathematics at the University of Rwanda. The research environment is equally enhanced by offering postdoctoral fellowships to recent graduates, supporting to arrangement of seminars and workshops, and offering scientifically active staff members the opportunity to present new research findings at international conferences. Another important focus of the sub-programme is to promote the use of Mathematics and Statistics in research at UR and in the private and public sectors in Rwanda. This is done through interdisciplinary research projects at UR, through offering scientific support to researchers at UR, and through interaction with stakeholders in the private and public sectors in Rwanda.

The environment for research in mathematics is also strengthened. Collaboration on multidisciplinary research projects within regional research groups and other units and programmes at UR is an integral part of the sub-programme. Collaboration in the region permeates almost all activities of the mathematics sub-programme.


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