ICT infrastructure and Business Solutions

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This Programme was established in the quest to strengthen UR ICT unit capacity so that it can meet the expectations of the University of Rwanda in its limited resources. In a span of 5 years, UR ICT unit in collaboration with Stockholm University-Sweden will make interventions aiming at contributing  to the  achievement of goals at all UR departments in areas of research and teaching and other interventions will also lead to the achievement of the university master plan as well Rwanda master plan. For this to happen, the following will be carried out: 

  • To identify, assess and provide appropriate ICT requirements needed for UR Stakeholders
  • To develop an efficient ICT governance strategies, policies and procedures at UR,
  • To set up and upgrade the ICT infrastructure, facilities and services at UR,
  • To enhance UR IT corporate systems that can provide conducive teaching, learning and research environment,
  • To build staff capacity academic, administrative and technical through short-term and long-term training.

The current programme will build on previous achievements under the ICT Infrastructure. They include but not limited the  End users’ equipment and software that were updated, hardware maintenance tools, wireless antennas, UPS batteries, PC for ICT labs, Microsoft annual licence, Antivirus Licence, cabling materials, minor equipment’s and spare parts were acquired. It is also important to mention a Data Centre which was developed in Kigali as well as optimizing the selected Campuses Network.

During the implementation of the Programme from 2019 to 2024, UR ICT unit jointly with the Swedish partner university are expected to integrate ICT in the University of Rwanda in line with the vision and strategic priorities of the university as well the strategic priorities as stipulated in the SMART Rwanda. Such integration into all the university functions affects the way all staff and students in the university work and interact. The planned integrated ICT services and systems infrastructure are one of the largest closed networks in the country used for teaching, training and research in the priority areas identified in SMART Rwanda.