Integrated agricultural production

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The Programme is jointly run by the College of Agriculture, Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) of the University of Rwanda (UR) and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Its aim is to assist UR build capacity for research that contributes to sustainable agriculture productions systems and food and nutrition security in Rwanda. The project is an attempt by UR to contribute to Rwanda’s Strategic Plan for the Transformation of Agriculture phase 4 (PSTA IV), which is the implementation plan of the National Agricultural Policy 2017-2030 (NAP). PSTA seeks a transformation of agriculture from subsistence to knowledge-based and value creating, ensuring an enduring contribution to the national economy and food and nutrition security.

The Overall objective of the project is to promote sustainable agriculture productions systems and food and nutrition security. This objective is directly aligned with SGDs 1 & 2, Rwanda’s Strategic Plan for the Transformation of Agriculture. The Programme is geared toward addressing three broad thematic areas representing the desired outcome for research in Cluster 1: 1/ Integrated farming systems, 2/ Climate smart agriculture production systems; and 3/ Healthy and nutritious agriculture production systems.

The major outputs will be 7 PhD holders (2 sandwich PhDs at SLU and 5 local PhDs at UR-CAVM). Two MSc programmes initiated with the help of Sida will receive minimal teaching support from SLU. Graduates from the local PhD programme will be awarded UR degrees. Moreover, at least 14 publications in reputable journals will be achieved.

The major outcomes will be the promotion of quality, multidisciplinary and impactful research; further development of supervising skills for CAVM staff; an enhanced culture of publication and scientific exchange; collaboration with farmers, the private and public sectors and policy-makers; and administrative/academic structures and systems supporting innovation and promoting a vibrant research environment.