Post Doctoral Research Grants

Table of Post Doctoral Research Grants

Title of the project Principal Investigator End date Contacts
Development and validation of food safety guidelines for informally processed fermented milk ("ikivuguto") in Rwanda. Dr Olivier Kamana 15 June 2018
A Cross Sectional Study of Population And Health Dynamics in Kigali’s Informal Settlements Dr. Uwizeye Dieudonné 30 June 2018
The role of the fathers in educating their children born in illegitimate unions in Rwanda Dr. Innocent Iyakaremye 30 June 2018
Genetic studies of epilepsy in Rwandan patients with intellectual disability Ms Annette UWINEZA, 30 June 2018
Are there livelihoods opportunities for us? Male and female rural youth access to agricultural land in Rwanda Dr. Jeannette Bayisenge March 2018
Causes of early motherhood, consequences and prevention strategies. The case of early pregnant teenagers Dr. Alphonse Sebaganwa September 2017
Assessment of environmental and health risks associated to artisanal gold mining: awareness and literacy level of miners in Burera District Dr. Florien Nsanganwimana December 2017
Evaluation and Enhancement of resource allocation scheduling schemes for heterogeneous traffic in LTE- Advanced Dr. Richard Musabe November 2017
Political Economy Analysis of Sanitation in Informal Settlements in Eastern Africa Research Dr. Aime Tsinda December 2017
Bridging the digital divide: a pedagogy-technology integration for science teaching in the Rwandan Higher Education Institutions Dr. Innocent Twagirimana December 2017
Investigation, characterization and analysis of multiple geo-space response to solar transients events during current solar cycle 24 Dr. Jean Uwamahoro May 2017
Impact of EAC Common market on trade balance in Rwanda Dr. Fidele Mutemberezi May 2017
Genetic variability for productivity-adaptability traits and oxidative status biomarkers within pure-breed dairy cow populations in Rwanda Dr. Martin Ntawubizi April 2017
Use of Rwandan plants as hops substitute in African beer brewing Dr. François Lyumugabe September 2017
A community randomized and controlled trial evaluating a family-based early childhood development intervention in Rwanda Dr. Nyirazinyoye Laetitia, September 2017
Identification of factors influencing acquisition of schistosome infection and development of anti-schistosome immune responses in pre-school-aged children in Rwanda Dr Nadine Rujeni December 2016
Indoor air pollution from cooking with biomass fuels and chronic bronchitis among women living in a rural district of Rwanda Dr. Sanctus Musafiri September 2017
The seroprevalence and role of sexual networks in the spread of HIV in Rwandan men who have sex with men. Dr. Roman Saba Ntale December 2017
Molecular epidemiology of mycobacterium tuberculosis in Rwanda: Assessing the impact of program’s interventions to increase case detection. Dr. Claude M. Muvunyi December 2017
The prevalence of bacterial species involved in nosocomial infections in paediatrics unit at Butare University teaching hospital. Dr. Claude Bayingana September 2017
Sustainable water management, livelihood security and health risk alleviation in Rwanda Dr Claudine Uwera September 2017
Indigenous knowledge, Economic Empowerment and entrepreneurship in Rwanda: Girinka approach. Dr. Chika Ezeanya September 2017
Harnessing Educational ICTs and Multimedia technologies for language Teachers workplace learning and professional development in Rwanda Dr. Charles Karoro Muhirwe September 2017
Rural Basic Education For All: The Impact Of The Language Of Instruction On The Quality Dr Patrice Ntawigira September 2017
Economics of Adaption and Farmer’s Resilience to Climate Variability in Rwanda Dr. Alfred R. Bizoza September 2017
In praise of pastoralism - low-intensity livestock farming, wildlife Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ann Apio June 2016