Digital Health

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This programme is implemented through a framework collaboration between the University of Rwanda-Centre of Excellence in Biomedical Engineering and eHealth (UR-CEBE) and Stockholm University, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (SU-DSV). It has the vision to generate the necessary technical and scientific skills in digital health systems focusing on research and postgraduate training. The partnership between UR and SU will induce better research capacity within digital health technologies linked to the sustainable development of Rwanda and Africa in general.

At a national level, the sub-programme intends to ensure sustainable implementation of digital health technologies in Rwanda by addressing issues related to insufficient number of health informatics professionals in the country, limited research based evidence to address health societal challenges, interoperability issues between different health information systems, and high cost of digital health systems.

The Programme contributes to UR’s agenda to provide scientific and technical support to the regional health network. Specifically, the research training programme entails the further development of an existing Masters programme in Health informatics at UR and the development of Doctoral and Postdoctoral programmes focusing on education and research in digital health aspects. It also supports  students at the Masters level, PhD students, Postdoctoral research fellows and professionals trained in-service staff.  Having such a pool of high quality trained staffs and researchers in digital health, the programme plans to introduce a local PhD programme in the area of digital health in 2024.


Digital Health
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