Mathematics & Medicine: An approach to address Cardiovascular Respiratory System for Sportsmen and Patients


The University of Rwanda encourages interdisciplinary research to contribute in providing solutions to today’s complex challenges. Through a research grant offered by the UR-Sweden Programme, Professor Jean Marie Ntaganda’s research on “Mathematical Modeling of Cardiovascular Respiratory System for Sportsmen and Patients in Rwanda” is an example of bringing a network of research groups and fostering collaboration across multiple disciplines.  At least seven researchers are involved in this project, including four from the Department of Mathematics and three from the School of Medicine & Pharmacy.

Prof Ntaganda, a researcher in Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis uses a mathematical model to determine the optimal physiological conditions for sportsmen and patients suffering from non-communicable diseases. This mathematical model must be based on the adaptability of different sporting activities.

The equations designed are validated through a survey of healthy population consisting of 87 males and 48 females, where the spirometry measured values by a SPIRODOC are statistically compared with the predicted values from our equations. Data analysis shows that the equation predicted values are accurate and they could be used in case the spirometry devices are not available. The projects counts 3 manuscripts in journal publication.

The study will help to design compartmental mathematical model for determining the response of plasma glucose and insulin sensitivity in diabetes case to parameters of cardiovascular respiratory system. The research results will help the medical physicians and other experts in the field to study, observe and apply cardiovascular respiratory system parameters to inform decisions in the selection of sportsmen from Rwanda and patients who suffer from the aforementioned diseases.

Undergraduate students from the College of Medicine and Health Sciences benefited from the research as enumerators. Moreover the project has been beneficial to students due to its deliberate process and requirements for critical thinking.

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By  Darius Murangwa
Communications Officer