Cluster champions and Swedish varsities move to embrace interdisciplinary research approach

Under the patronage of UR-Sweden Program, researchers from different University of Rwanda colleges were grouped into research team which are led by team leaders dubbed “Cluster Champions”.  Ten research clusters have been formed and are poised to make joint research with universities in Sweden.   

In his remarks during the meeting that brought together all UR cluster champions, Dr Charles Murigande elucidated the rationale behind the formation of cluster champions. He noted that one of the motives behind the new move is to uphold the culture of interdisciplinary research approach which is key to deal with the complexity of developmental challenges.

The meeting was presided over by Dr Charles Murigande

According to Murigande, cluster champions will partner with their counterparts in Sweden based on exchange of research proposals and research questions that they will mutually explore to find common solutions. Apart from hard core research in some of the crosscutting areas, various activities have been envisaged including training for staff capacity building.

“The new trend will trigger joint efforts from various groups of people in different area of specialization with determination to work together in a bid to make impactful research for the benefits of the community” said Murigande; the University of Rwanda Deputy Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Ndikumana Raymond, the Overall Coordinator of UR-Sweden Program for Research, Higher Education and Institutional Advancement asked the newly selected cluster champions to tap into the project’s achievements in terms of research and keep the momentum going. He also encouraged them to develop sound and competitive proposals which depict the real problems that the community is facing. Ndikumana further took the cluster champions through different stages of research proposals in conformity with international research standards.

Mr Raymond sharing his thoughts during the meeting with cluster champions

On top of working with Swedish and regional varsities, cluster champions were urged to involve national institutions in designing staff capacity building programmes by focusing on questions that are relevant to both UR and those institutions and to the country at large.

Among the ten research clusters include Agricultural transformation and food security, Social economic transformation and sustainable development, Inclusive Governance, peace and security Health and wellbeing for all, Transport and logistics  to mention but a few.

Interventions by Cluster champions during the meeting

Each University College was represented


By  Darius Murangwa
Communications Officer