UR-Sweden program team leaders discuss the implementation of planned activities

A discussion meeting was organized by UR-Sweden Program for Research, Higher Education and Institutional Advancement. Bringing together Program Team Leaders, Program Coordinator and the University DVC for Institutional Advancement, the meeting aimed at assessing and evaluating the execution of planned activities as the Program is moving closer to the end of its 2016/2017 budget year.

Speaking during the meeting Mr Raymond Ndikumana, the Overall Program Coordinator encouraged Sub-Program Team Leaders to have in mind the Program impact in terms of its contribution to the community and the country in general. According to him, Planning and Execution should always be intertwined to ease self-assessment and performance evaluation of each and every subprogram.

Meeting address; Mr Ndikumana the Program Overall Coordinator

“We have a huge role to play by doubling our effort to ensure that we improve on our responsibilities which will lead to the success of the program” adding that team leaders need to be proactive to enable the program plays its role to influence the future development of research in Rwanda.

For the Program to efficiently deliver on its mandate, Ndikumana called for the alignment of Program activities with the plan of the University in conformity with the existing regulations and guidelines.

In his remarks, Dr Charles Murigande the DVC for Institutional Advancement who oversees the Program at the University level pledged his support by putting close attention to its activities and make sure that it is moving towards the right direction.

Intervention by Dr Murigande along with Dr Bengt-Ove

Among the Sub-Program Team leaders in attendance was Dr Robinah Namuleme for UR-Sweden Library Subprogram. she took pride in the infrastructure backbone that the sub-program has put in place for the University including the working website with a vibrant repository, advanced training course on e-resources and reference management to mention but a few.

Dr Robinah (right) Team Leader UR-Sweden Library Subprogram

“Among our achievements, we have created a repository which enables researchers to showcase their research works and one website for the entire university which serves to market the available resources and services” She said. She added that they will soon present a paper in the World Congress of Libraries in Poland and Rwanda will be the only African country.

In the Course of the meeting, participants agreed on some principles, working modalities and mechanisms that will streamline the Program operations. They also shared some achieved goals like supervision of PhD students, facilitation of research presentation and grants while discussing infrastructure and systems put in place to advance the University and other interventions including trainings that are geared towards staff capacity building.

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A section of Team Leaders during the meeting


By Darius Murangwa
Communications Officer